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Certified Trainers

To better meet the ongoing demand for ESG training all over the world, RMSA is building a network of RMSA Certified Trainers. As a ESG Certified Trainer, you need to earn a RMSA Certification validating your experience and knowledge for the course you deliver.

The designation of ESG Certified Trainer® enables a select group of trainers to work in partnership with RMSA’s Certified Training Partners to help lead ESG training programs, and join a professional and engaged network of RMSA trainers globally.

The designation of ESG Certified Trainer® signifies the credentials, profound knowledge and experience for ESG management and sustainability.

  • Like of the “ESG Certified Trainer®” professional designation in name card and legal documents
  • Potential opportunities to lead ESG trainings with RMSA Certified Training Partners
  • Access to complete library of ESG articles
  • A free copy of CR8001 ESG Management Standard®
  • Invitations to exclusive events and programs
  • A career advantage in the growing industry
  • Visibility in a competitive marketplace though Find-A-Trainer on RMSA website

Candidates must apply for certification, provide professional references and approval form RMSA, including the following information:

  • Educational background
  • Training experience
  • Proof of professional achievement

Certification Requirements

Applicants must pass the certification programs that they wish to teach and pay the program fee. The program fee for each certification program, is as follows:

Online Learning Option

Live Workshop

ESG Certified Professional

USD 500

USD 900

ESG Certified Auditor

USD 500

USD 900

ESG Certified Analyst

USD 500

USD 900


To maintain the status as a ESG Certified Trainer®, trainers must pay the annual licensing fee of USD 1,500.

The licensing fee supports the distribution of updated training materials, ESG articles and CR8001 ESG Management Standard®. It also funds trainer web conferences and other trainer support activities.

Trainers who enroll more than one type of RMSA certification programs and wish to be a ESG Certified Trainer® would also pay the annual licensing fee of USD 1,500 only.

  1. Download the application form
  2. Submit the application via fax (2573 9122) / email (
  3. Receive letter of conditional offer from RMSA
  4. Pay the certification program fee
  5. Study the certification program
  6. Receive letter of approval from RMSA
  7. Pay the licensing fee
  8. Sign the licensing agreement with RMSA

ESG Certified Trainers Application Form

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