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Responsible Management Standard Association (RMSA) was facilitated by two Nobel Prize Laureates professor Ei-ichi Negishi and professor Ada E. Yonath, academic and business leaders who share a common vision for global sustainable development, responsible corporate management and business ethics.

At an international conference on responsible management education in 2011, a work team convened to research the main system of a sustainable global economy where organizations could manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performances and impacts responsibility. The results were compiled in an official report called “Global Sustainability Report”.

The Global Sustainability Report outlined the following recommendations:

There is a need to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges of sustainability issues faced by business and society in the 21st century.

The principles of UN Global Compact have entered but not yet become embed in mainstream business activities.

Ethical and social issues are increasingly recognized as material and paramount to businesses, but there is lack of a standard approach for management practices.

There is a timely call for the companies worldwide to adopt the business strategy, methods and management system to meet the new business challenges and opportunities for the sustainability issues.

Responsible Management Standard Association was established to help individuals, organizations and educational institutions meet the challenges of responsible management and sustainable globalization in a competent and successful way.

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