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Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria

The assignment of the Action Learning Project involves selecting an organization in which you are familiar with as you carry out the project according to the specific performance requirements.

This assignment asks you to consider how you would design, plan and implement the project, given your learning and understanding from the modules. You are not being asked to advise on how the actual process occurs but, rather how you would approach the Action Learning Project in the future.

The assessment criteria will be based on the following:

  1. The Approach: the extent to which ESG body of knowledge are in place to meet the specific
  2. The Deployment: the extent to which the specific requirements are being implemented.
  3. The Method: the extent to which tools and methods are used to analyze the ESG information and data.
  4. The Effectiveness: the extent to which the key performance indicators are identified measured and reported.

The purpose of assessment is to ensure that effective learning has taken place in order to give candidates the opportunity to meet the performance requirements and achieve the intended learning outcomes.

There will be no grading system for the project. The project result will be either a pass grade or incomplete. Candidates who obtain the mark of “incomplete” are advised to  re-submit the project again.

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