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Purpose of Signing Up

Purpose of Signing Up

Becoming a signatory to Responsibilecompany® Global Charter, an organization can demonstrate its commitment to the creation of a sustainable, social, environmental and economic value based future.

In terms of enhancing credibility, all signatories will be listed in our website and can display Charter signatory logo and certificate in the organization’s office or on their website to publicly demonstrate their commitment to responsible management practice.

Unlike many signatories that merely require the disclosure of performance outcome based on the reporting framework, RMSA will provide the CR8001 ESG Management Standard to help organizations implement an effective management system and reporting. This can stimulate organizations to recognize and forge the alignment of integrating ESG issues into management programs on the one hand, and organizational processes on the other.

RMSA supports signatories of Responsibilecompany® Global Charter through the following services:

a) Free ESG Management Standard
Each signatory will be received a free copy of CR8001 ESG Management Standard, which can be used for organizational assessment, management system implementation auditing and reporting.

b) Signatories can have the privilege to access samples of the Responsible management system manual online free of charge.

c) Free Sample of ESG Report
Signatories can have the privilege to access the samples of ESG report online free of charge to meet the mandatory reporting requirements.

d) Free Knowledge Platform
Signatories can have free access to the knowledge base, and develop learning relationship with peers, experts, scholars and professionals for knowledge transfer.

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