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Global Charter

Global Charter

Responsibilecompany® Global Charter is a voluntary initiative under which companies work together to improve the quality of the work environment for their employees, along with the quality of life for people in the community and society at large.

A responsible business is an organization which takes a strategic approach to include sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility to create long-term sustainable value for relevant stakeholders.

RMSA is committed to building a strong network of organization assessment sectors to promote responsible management towards a sustainable future. In order to fulfil our mission, we have produced a Global Charter with six core principles of responsible management, and are asking for signatories. The Global Charter signatory is based on CEO commitment to the promotion and implementation of the six core principles of responsible management into the business practices of an organization.

The Six Principles

As a signatory to the Global Charter, a company must conform to the following principles of responsible management:

Principle 1: Leadership

We will assign clear responsibilities, resources and leadership roles for sustainability and social caring within our spheres of influence.

Principle 2: Purpose

We will contribute to business development while improving the quality of life of the workforce as well as of the community and society at large.

Principle 3: Compliance

We will comply with all applicable local, state, provincial and federal laws and regulations in all the countries where we operate.

Principle 4: Method

We will improve environmental, health and safety performance by continuous improvement in processes and technologies to meet stakeholder requirements.

Principle 5: Partnership

We will establish stakeholder engagement, involvement and communication to explore critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability.

Principle 6: Disclosure

We will disclose and report publicly the critical environmental, social and governance performance measures, including well known and probable impacts on stakeholders and society at large.


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