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Certified Training Partner

RMSA is inviting applications for a limited number of training partners to undertake the face-to-face training/workshop in the territory they operate, leading to the RMSA certification and professional designations of participants.

The RMSA certified training programs are for individuals seeking professional development and recognition in the field of responsible management (sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility).

The management and reporting of environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts on business value is the main aspects of responsible management, driven by the increasing demand of regulators, stock exchanges and investors. RMSA offers the most update courses to meet the professional development for busy executives.

  • Use of the “RMSA Certified Training Partner” organizational mark for promotional purposes.
  • Exclusive nights to offer RMSA certification programs in the licensed territory.
  • Promotion of training partner organizations on the RMSA website.
  • Professional, high quality program development to ensure the training partners are providing the latest and best training possible.
  • Full spectrum of certification programs available to suit the increasing demand of ESG professionals, analysts and auditors.
  • RMSA website featuring a variety of marketing tools to help promote the Certified Training Partners.

The RMSA certified training courses are available in three categories:

  • ESG Certified Professional®

This course provides a holistic approach for the principles of responsible management, integrated management system and ESG reporting.

The target participates are senior managers, trainers, consultants, quality practitioners and professionals.

  • ESG Certified Auditors®

This course provides a holistic approach for the principles of ESG auditing, integrated audit system and ESG auditing techniques.

The target participates are internal auditors, quality auditors, environmental auditors, lawyers, legal practitioners, consultants and trainers.

  • ESG Certified Analyst®

This course provides a holistic approach for the principles of responsible investment, ESG integration and financial analysis of ESG impacts on corporate value.

The target participates are financial directors, accountants, investment analysts and bankers.

At the end of the training courses, participants are required to take the action leaning projects, leading to the RMSA professional designations. For those who are new to the ESG management concept, it is highly recommended that they should take the courses in a phased approach.

Authorization is granted based on demonstrated training expertise and commitment, as well as the institution’s overall capability to provide quality training. They should also have the following attributes:

  • Track record in delivering high quality training programs in the field of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS l8001, CSR, ESG reporting or related subjects.
  • Proven financial stability with audited accounts of statements for at least last three years.
  • Two experienced trainers should be certified for the course they will deliver.
  • A clear marketing plan to promote RMSA training and certification programs.
  1. Submit Application

Organizations must complete and submit the application form with supporting documents (e.g. audited finical reports and business registration).

  1. RMSA Assessment

Assessment of application is based on the Training Partner Requirements.

  1. Sign License Agreement

Once the application has been accepted by RMSA, the license agreement will be signed by both parties.

  1. Pay Annual License Fee

The Annual License fee is a fixed fee of USD 2,500 for all Training Partners. After receiving the license fee, the Certificate of RMSA Certified Training Partner will be sent to the trainer partner.

  1. Train-the-Trainers Program

Before offering the RMSA training courses, the organization has to nominate at least two experienced trainers to enroll the certification program(s) that they wish to teach, and pay the certification fee. All RMSA certification programs can be completed 100% online. The fee for each RMSA certification program is USD 500 for online learning option / USD 900 for live workshop option (50% discount on normal fee).

  1. Market the RMSA course(s)

After the successful completion of the course of study and certification assessment, the trainer will be qualified as the ESG Certified Trainer. The organization can start marketing the relevant training course(s).

  1. Order the RMSA certification Programs

The training partner should order the RMSA Certification Programs one-month before the class starts. After receiving proof of payment, the electronic copies of the certified training material is sent to the Training Partner.

The Training Partner will pay 50% of the RMSA Certification Program fee for each enrollment, based on the standard program fee of USD 1,000.

The fee for face-to-face training/workshop per enrollment is USD 1,800. Training Partner can adjust the fee based on market condition.

  1. Audit the Learning Outcome

RMSA Certification is based on the assessment of action leaning project. The Training Partner is responsible for assessing the project, and send to RMSA for auditing. Certification will be sent to Training Partners for distribution to participants.

  1. Renewal of Annual License

Three months before the end of the license period, the Training Partner will the assessed based on the number of participants, the satisfaction level of the participants. The renewal will take place automatically, provided that the aforementioned requirements have been met and the new Annual License fee has been paid.

ESG Certified Training Partner Application Form

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